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RC10B4 Team Associated RC10B4 Team Associated’s B4 is the latest generation of the 5-time IFMAR World Championship-winning heritage of RC10 buggies. As far back as 1989, there were grainy spy photos and a few sporadic sightin... $129.99
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APEX87 Apex 13" TV Looking for a basic, dependable television to fill a small space? Your TV has arrived--and it won’t cost you a lot, either. This stylish gray 13" model from Apex features rear and side A/V inputs, ... $69.99
APEXFLAT53 Apex 20" Flat-screen TV Enjoy premium features in a TV that only looks expensive. Velocity scan modulation improves clarity and sharpens edge detail, while the 3-line comb filter ensures crisp, clean images. Component and S-... $179.99
APEXDVD76 Apex DVD Player With MP3 Capability Models shipped may vary, all features listed apply. This DVD player is a welcome addition to any entertainment system. Watch movies or listen to your favorite music--this versatile player supports a v... $45.99
VCR1672 Broksonic 4-Head Mono VCR This Broksonic 4-Head mono VCR with wireless infrared remote control offers digital auto tracking for the best possible picture from all your tapes. The front audio/video inputs make it easy to connec... $49.99
SHARP48 Sharp 19" TV Want a great TV without all the bells and whistles? Now you can get back to basics with this 19" television from Sharp. With Front AV Inputs to save you the hassle of running wires behind your TV to c... $139.99
VCR3452 Sharp 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR This affordable VCR has 4 heads to give you a great picture in all speed modes and an 8-event/year timer so you can program it to record your favorite shows whenever they're on. Sharp Super Picture en... $59.99
VCR2425 Sharp 4-Head Mono VCR Record eight different shows up to a year in advance using this 4-head VCR. Eliminate an extra programming step and let the Auto Clock Set feature put the correct time on your VCR so you don't have to... $54.99
ZENITH94 Zenith 13" 2-Head TV/VCR Combo Watch movies and television with this affordable 2-head TV/VCR combo. This versatile set includes an auto play/rewind/stop/eject feature that automatically rewinds and ejects movies and videos when th... $139.99
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ASTEROIDS13 Asteroids® Handheld Game Remember the countless hours you spent playing Asteroids® as a kid? Now you can relive those memories with this handheld game! With vivid colors and a large LCD screen, you’ll be right in the middl... $8.99
DIGBLUE31 Digital Blue PC Animation Station Amaze your friends with this digital voice animation station. You can record and mix your voice in wild and wacky ways. You can record sounds and voices anywhere, then download them onto a PC. The inc... $9.00
KAWA425 Kawasaki Power Strobe™ Guitar Perfect for the budding rocker! This Kawasaki electronic guitar features 3 distinct solo styles, 3 chord styles, 3 rhythms and 7 frets to select just the right "riff". It also has separate volume cont... $7.99
PACMAN34 Pac-Man™ Handheld Game He’s a man on a mission. Pac-Man™ is back in a handheld game! Featuring vivid colors and a large LCD screen, it ensures hours of entertainment. You’ll also love the exciting arcade sound effects... $7.95
SBOARD93 Radica PlayTV Snowboarder Go in search of big air with Radica's PlayTV Snowboarder. Just connect the game to you TV or VCR. Get on your snowboard and start shreddin' the course. As you maneuver the snowboard, see the correspon... $24.99
SBREAK42 Super Breakout® Handheld Game Remember the countless hours you spent playing Super Breakout® as a kid? Now you can relive those memories with this handheld game! With vivid colors and a large LCD screen, you’ll be right in the ... $7.99
TECHTALK12 Tech Link Bio-Scan™ Talking Room Guardian Now you can guard your most important stuff! It's a talking, kid-programmable "Hand Scanning Security System" that keeps track of unauthorized entries and unsuccessful authorization to enter requests.... $4.99
SPYTOOL41 Wild Planet Spy Tool Kit In order to handle any mission the agency may give you, you need a tool kit. And Wild Planet's Spy Tool Kit has every tool a spy may need, regardless of the mission. For hearing spies talk at a distan... $12.99
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CDCHANGE52 Classic 6-Disc CD Changer Make the most of your music with this 6-disc changer from Classic. The drawer-loading deck can hold up to 6 CDs, and features direct CD select, 32-track programming and 3 repeat modes. You will also e... $59.99
JENSEN94 Jensen Bookshelf Speaker At just under 12" high, this little speaker can’t wait to show you what it can do. Hook it up as the main speaker with a subwoofer, or as the rear channel for a home theater system. With authoritati... $29.98
KENWOOD86 Kenwood 5.1-Channel Dolby® Digital/DTS® Receiver Kenwood wants you to experience sound as it’s meant to be heard. This surround sound receiver adds life to your movie soundtracks with Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding. Dolby® Pro Logic II is spe... $199.00
SUBWOOF34 Onkyo 8" 150-Watt Subwoofer Don’t you love the goosebumps you get from low rumbling bass? You can keep the earth shaking with this 150-watt subwoofer from Onkyo. Features including crossover control, a phase invert switch, and... $199.95
PIOSPEAK43 Pioneer 3-Speaker System Pioneer has the perfect speakers to compliment your home theater system. This 3-speaker system features 2 surround speakers and a center channel. Add a surround sound receiver and your existing main s... $79.99
RECEIVER26 Sony Stereo Receiver Put some zip into your sound with this stereo receiver from Sony! With a 5-function input selector and discrete output transistors, your music and movie soundtracks will sound great. AM/FM tuning with... $149.99
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CANON83 Canon Color Bubble Jet Printer This Canon bubble jet printer is ready for both work and play. It can handle just about any home or school printing project, from super-sharp letters and Web pages to incredible color photos, with its... $99.99
COMPAQ31 Compaq Presario 2100 Series Notebook In a plane, in a car, in your office, or at your home this Compaq laptop will help you stay connected. Tackle projects while you're on the go with built-in CD recording and networking capabilities, an... $999.99
EMACHINE23 eMachines Desktop Computer Everyone from the budget-minded shopper to the gamer to the avid Internet explorer will be happy with this desktop PC. The 48X Max CD-ROM is great for playing your favorite PC games, accessing your fi... $399.99
HPPAV75 HP Pavilion Desktop Computer Whether you need a PC for surfing the Internet, creating CDs, or knocking out some homework, this HP desktop PC can handle the job. With features including an Intel® Celeron® processor 2.0GHz, 256MB... $519.99
HPPRINT83 HP PSC2210 Multifunction Printer/Flatbed Fax/Scanner/Copier Print, scan, fax, and copy all in color with this HP multifunction printer. In addition to giving you photo-quality printing with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 using photo paper, you can scan, fax, and ... $299.99
TOSHIBA38 Toshiba Satellite® Notebook PC with an Intel® Celeron® Processor 1.8GHz With features including an Intel® Celeron® processor 1.8GHz, 30GB hard drive, 256MB SDRAM memory, DVD/CD-RW drive and 10/100 Ethernet Card, this laptop has the power to network, access the Internet,... $1149.99
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OLYMP37 Olympus Micro-Cassette Recorder This affordable Pearlcorder™ S701 microcassette recorder takes care of basic dictation and mobile recording for those who need to maximize their time and efficiency. Its dual tape speeds give you up... $24.99
PANCD83 Panasonic Portable CD Player Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere with this portable CD player from Panasonic. Featuring CD-R/RW capability, it will play your CDs with skip protection for up to 40 hours of playtime on t... $39.95
CDMINI48 Sony S2 Sports™ Net MD™ Walkman® Player/Recorder If you crave tunes while you workout, then check out this S2 Sports Net MD™ by Sony. This handheld minidisc Walkman® records CDs or MP3s from your PC at up to 32x speed. It features a durable, wate... $149.99
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GBADV48 Nintendo Game Boy® Advance Turn up the heat this summer with the Game Boy® Advance. Six times more powerful than Game Boy®, this handheld game will take you to the next level of fun. With the ability to play Game Boy® & Game... $69.99
GCUDE95 Nintendo GAMECUBE™ Console (Indigo) The Nintendo® GameCube™ features 2 high-speed serial ports, a high-speed parallel port, a new controller design, and the hardware to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Feel like you're living ... $149.99
PLAYSTAY37 Sony PlayStation® Discover the power inside! Sony's new compact-size PlayStation® has superior graphics, terrific CD-quality sound, incredible micro-processing power and undeniably, the best software titles around. Wi... $2.99
PSTAY264 Sony PlayStation®2 Best described as a lean, mean gaming machine, Sony's PlayStation®2 delivers amazing picture, graphics, and sound. With a 128-bit Emotion Engine™, a 4MB Graphics Synthesizer, and an SPU2 Sound chip... $199.99
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ANTENNA89 Jensen UHF/VHF TV Antenna1 Need clearer reception from your TV? Try placing this UHF/VHF antenna on top of your TV and see how clear your picture becomes. The VHF antenna is detachable and fits most TVs that can accommodate a s... $9.95
REMOTE57 RCA 3-Device Remote More than just your basic on/off switch with keypad, this universal remote control operates your TV, VCR, and Cable box from one convenient source. It's pre-programmed to operate most RCA and other br... $9.99
PHONELINE25 Sprint 7-Foot Silver Phone Line Cord Need to connect a telephone device to a modular wall outlet? This Sprint silver 7-foot cord comes ready for immediate action. $4.99

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